Connected Specialties.

Staying connected with your clients is key to business success. Here at TAA Connect, we’re your local IT service provider, here to support you every step of the way. We’ll help you develop the best communication and IT systems for your business needs, and our team of real people will handle installation and provide ongoing support.

Unified Communications.

Our Unified Communications services blend expertise with cutting-edge technology to integrate diverse channels into one cohesive platform. From fostering real-time collaboration to ensuring you’re just a message away from making vital decisions, we redefine how teams connect and thrive.

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Help Desk Support.

TAA Connect provide comprehensive helpdesk services, where we seamlessly blend Voice, IT, and Mobility to bring you next-level support solutions tailored for both enterprise and small business customers.

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Project Management.

Designed meticulously for both enterprises and small businesses, our approach intertwines state-of-the-art methodologies with tangible results, guiding you to turn your ambitious objectives into reality.

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Private Cloud Hosting.

As businesses evolve in an increasingly digital landscape, the demand for secure, high-performance, and flexible hosting solutions is paramount. TAAconnect specialises in providing exceptional Private Cloud Hosting services that address these needs comprehensively.

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Onsite Data Cabling.

When it comes to establishing a robust and reliable data network for your business, having the right cabling infrastructure is critical. With a blend of expertise, top-quality materials, and client-oriented services, TAAconnect has earned its reputation as a specialist in this field.

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