Move on up to tomorrow’s office

The hype is real. Moving your business systems to the cloud can help improve productivity, save time and money, provide instant access to all your date, while keeping it more secure.

TAA Connect understand the cloud and how to make it work for local businesses. We’ll help you make the jump to efficient cloud services like Microsoft Office 365.

Our cloud computing offerings can help your business benefit in a number of areas, including:

  1. Real flexibility – You can add cloud services to your existing setup (hybrid), go the whole way and replace your costly hardware and hosting (private cloud), use the cloud for disaster recovery and backup, and more.
  2. Cost savings – With cloud based systems, your software will always be up to date and you’ll pay fair prices depending on the level of use. There’ll also be no more worries about the cost of servicing infrastructure in-house.
  3. You’re in control – Simply log in and you’re in the driver’s seat thanks to user-friendly, browser-based management tools.
  4. Cloud based – New cloud-based services are constantly released onto the market. Let us help determine how to implement these into your business so they work towards the outcomes you desire.

Switching to the cloud is an important step for a business that needs consideration. Talk to our local, experienced staff about solutions and applications that could work for your business.

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