A cloud where everyone gets on together

TAA Connect has been servicing Australian businesses with Telephony and IT solutions for over two decades. We began as a small, local company, knowing the key to implementing successful solutions was to truly understand each client’s business.

Today we believe this is more important than ever.

The right cloud system can improve productivity, reduce IT running costs and present innovative new ways to collaborate. This is why cloud based services are taking over the world and revolutionising small to medium sized businesses.

The key to success is making sure your different cloud services work together effectively, in a way that suits your particular business needs.

Cloud circle

That’s where we come in.

Because no two clouds are the same, we won’t just deliver a service from one of the best-of-breed brands like Telstra and Microsoft; we’ll work with you to make sure all your different cloud-based services work together.

This includes:

  1. Storage
  2. Microsoft Office 365
  3. Customer Relationship Management software
  4. Managed IP based handsets and other voice services
  5. Video Conferencing

Just because these cloud-based services come from different developers, doesn’t mean they can’t work together. TAA Connect will integrate and manage a system that maximises the value they deliver to your business.

Chat with one of our TAA Connect sales executives to find out more about how having your head in the cloud is good for business.

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