Because being safe is good for business

We believe it's near impossible to put a price on piece of mind when you consider the real value to your business of proper protection.

Picture a scenario where an online attack knocks out your servers, your clients and prospects are shut out from you website. The paralysis that may occur, if someone on your team innocently downloads a nasty email attachment, which spreads to your network.

Count on TAA Connect to deliver and maintain IT security that gives you peace of mind.

Our approach:

  1. Look closely at your environment – Our team will find your most vulnerable areas and perform a series of tests on your systems to help devise a security strategy.
  2. Customise your security – Every business is different, so we’ll only deliver a solution that fits with your business.
  3. Always-on protection – Even when you’re sleeping, your system will be monitoring and upgrading to stay abreast of the latest threats.
  4. Security for every device – From desktop PC’s to tablets and mobile phones, they’re all connected, so they all need to be protected.
  5. An eye on the future – We’ll continually monitor your security strategy with assessments and audits so you’re never caught off-guard.


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