Microsoft Office on any device, anywhere, anytime

Our clients love Microsoft Office 365. It’s the software everyone knows – Microsoft Office – transformed into a portable, dynamic and cost-effective cloud application, saving you money while keeping everyone in your office connected.

The Microsoft Office 365 bundle is just the ticket for small to medium sized-business. With software-as-service, you’ll save on hardware hosting and maintenance costs, while being able to easily scale the service when the size of your business changes.

There’s a long list of available features, including:

  • Email and calendar access
  • Instant messaging
  • Document sharing
  • HD video conferencing
  • Skype
  • TAA Connect also includes backup and recovery-as-a-service, disaster recovery, data centre access and co-location options

Don’t have your own website yet? No problem! As a free add-on, the 365 bundle comes with;

  • Free website hosting,
  • Domain name and
  • Webpage templates

With these tools you can easily set up your site and establish a professional web presence. For larger businesses you may need a different approach, and we can help with that too!

Talk to one of our TAA Connect sales executives to learn more about this latest incarnation of the world’s most popular office app.

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