Can’t we all just get on together?

When different technologies and apps make beautiful music together, the sky’s the limit of what your business can achieve. TAA Connect specialises in putting together the pieces of the technology jigsaw for you.

We understand the need to maximize the value of your investments in IT hardware, software and/or cloud services. Our collaboration service is all about smoothing out compatibility issues across platforms and device types. Voice services, IT cloud services, video conferencing, staff in the field, CRM integration - it all needs to work as one.

We can help unify your communications with:

  1. Mitel, Alcatel Lucent and NEC IP PABX supply and support
  2. Fixed and mobile phones and devices
  3. Video conferencing
  4. Call centre integration
  5. Zeacom call centre software
  6. Microsoft Lync integration

Chat with one of our TAA Connect sales executives about how we bring everything together to help a business perform at its peak.

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